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My goal is to support you to reach your individual breastfeeding goals. I want to help you navigate through any difficulties or challenges you face. I want jump for joy with you in your success. I never want you feeling unsure about anything when it comes to caring for your baby. When you work with me, you get a lactation consultant who is specialized in infant behaviors, nutrition, and lactation. You get a friend. You get a support person in your corner you can always rely on. 

I can't wait to meet you and your sweet baby!

Prenatal Group Class

If you would like to feel prepared for your breastfeeding journey and have a chance to ask questions about breastfeeding please sign up! I offer virtual or in person if you're local to the Spangdahlem area. We will review everything you need to know and what to expect with feeding your new baby.

Price $30

Individual Prenatal Consult

This consult is most appropriate for moms with special medical conditions or moms who have had children previously. In this consult I will review your medical history with you as well as any prior breastfeeding experiences. I will provide a full risk assesment and a specific plan to avoid any issues that you are concerned about from your previous breastfeeding experice. This in depth personal review will be coupled with a great wealth of knowledge for a successful start in your breastfeeding journey.

Price $75

Initial Consult

In this consult we will cover all of your concerns with any breastfeeding difficulties. I will thoroughly investigate all of  your concerns and provide you with a clear care plan to support your goals. 

This will include free two weeks of virtual follow ups. I will call once a week to check in, and you are also free to contact me at any point in those two weeks as a courtesy service.

Price $150

In Person Follow-Up

This service is for if you would like an in person or video chat to discuss or review the same issue I've seen you for previously. 

Price $50

Virtual Consult

Virtual face to face consult to anwser all breastfeeding related concerns. This includes free two week follow up care.

Price 100 Euro

Mini Consult *30 Minutes or Less*

This is for those short conversations that usually take around 30 minutes. This would be most appropriate for:

-Going back to work

-How to maximize pumping

-Bottle training

-How to pacefeed

-How to use a breast pump

-Reviewing a medications saftety with breastfeeding

-Well breastfeeding check

-Baby is starting solids


Price $50

Successful Start Bundle

This is a great way to save some money while ensuring you have all the education and support you need for a successful start into your breastfeeding journey. 

This bundle includes an indivdual prenatal consult, a newborn consult shortly after you come home from the hospital, and an additional consult when baby is two weeks old. Free virtual follow up support is also offered for two weeks after each visit. 

The value for these services is $375.  

If you need a payment plan please call me to discuss your needs. 

Price $300

Full Service Bundle

This bundle offers the ultimate range of support for every breastfeeding mother. This bundle includes an individual prenatal consult, a newborn consult shortly after you return home from the hospital, and a monthly consult for the first six months. Also inclusive of free two week virtual follow up after each visit. 

The value for this bundle is $1125

If you need a payment plan please contact me to discuss your needs. 

Price: $700


Discount for WIC families

Call and ask me about my discount for families on WIC

How To Make an Appointment

To schedule a visit you please click my online scheduler link here:


You can also contact me directly. All consults are available for home or virtual visits.

message me on facebook:

Paige Sochovka IBCLC

(Whats app) +49-151-209-15770

(In Germany) 0-151-209-15770

What Moms Say About Working with Me

Tiny Feet

Erin Lane

Paige is a lifesaver! My daughter only latched for a couple weeks before she got thrush and refused my nipples! Paige took the time to explain different ways to continue to try to get her to latch. Paige was so patient and all around amazing! I recommend here to everyone and can't wait to use her again for my next baby due here in a couple months! Thank you so much, Paige!

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