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My goal is to support you to reach your individual breastfeeding goals. I want to help you navigate through any difficulties or challenges you face. I want jump for joy with you in your success. I never want you feeling unsure about anything when it comes to caring for your baby. When you work with me, you get a lactation consultant right in your pocket. You get a friend. You get a support person in your corner you can always rely on. I can't wait to meet you and your sweet baby!

Booking Directions

Step 1: Verify your insurance

  • If you have Tricare prime or select plans you do not need to verify your insurance, please select the insurance covered option below. If you are active duty you will need an authorization from your PCM listing TLC Lactation as the provider. Please contact me for assistance. 

  • If have Aetna insurance please proceed to booking an insurance covered appointment. Be sure to book your appointment 2 days in advanced so I can submit an authorization request on your behalf. As soon as I have your patient form I will submit your request to ensure you have insurance coverage for our appointment.

  • All other plans please first verify you insurance to confirm your eligibility. Generally you will receive an email back within 24 hours with your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed please select an insurance covered service below.

  • If eligibility is denied you can call your insurance to ask them specifically if they will cover lactation services and how to obtain reimbursement from them. This is a great resource to read if you are interested in pursing insurance reimbursement for lactation services. Click here.

Step 2: Select your appointment service

  • If you have Tricare or received insurance confirmation book select an insurance covered in home or virtual appointment. 

  • Select a self pay in home or virtual appointment for all others. I do have a 20% discount for low income families and a customizable payment plan for any self pay families who need it.

Step 3: Fill out forms

  • After your appointment is scheduled make sure to fill out my patient form as soon as possible. If I do not have these forms completed the morning of our appointment we will have to reschedule. 

Our Services

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