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Flange Sizing Instructions

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

If you are here reading this, chances are you are wanting to learn how to find your true flange size. This specific size absolutely differs from one mom to another. Did you know 80% of mom's needs a flange size that is smaller than what comes in their pump kit(24mm)?

Having the right sized flange is essential to a successful pumping experience. When using an ill fitted flange it often causes sore nipples, nipple damage, sub-optimal nipple stimulation, and a decreased milk supply over time.

When using the flange size that is truly right for you, moms find that it feels like a gentle tug or nothing. They begin to express more milk while pumping. And for many moms who see an abrupt decrease in their supply, the right sized flange can return your supply back to normal if not better than what it was.

If you have not yet received a printable nipple ruler, please print this one.

Nipple ruler Handout - Single
Download PDF • 373KB

Follow these instructions to help you find the size that is best for you!

  1. Print out ruler.

  2. Fold along the dotted line.

  3. Carefully cut the circles out while the ruler is folded in half for precise measurements.

4. The size that is best for you is one you can easily place your nipple in without tugging it through,

and when there is no visible areola in the circle. (If you are unsure if there is any visible areola lean your nipple towards one side and if there is still visible areola then size down.) When you find this,

that is your "true size."

5. Next step is to try out a few shield sizes. Nipples can respond differently under the suction of a pump. It is best to try one size above the true size, the true size, and one size down. By doing this you can see how each of these different sizes feel for you. The size that feels the most comfortable, no pinching, is the right one for you. Also keep in mind the fitting. Only the tip and base of the nipple should be in the flange tunnel.

If you feel like you need support with this flange sizing assessment please feel free to reach out to me! I offer this service with all of my in person appointments, and provide flanges from size 13mm-21mm for you to try on to find the best fit. I can also support you virtually but you will need to purchase the different flange sizes to try-on, on your own.

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